What does Y2K mean? The trend is back whether you like it or not

What does Y2K mean? The trend is back whether you like it or not

What does Y2K mean? The trend is back whether you like it or not

We have been warning you since 2018 and officially, #Y2Kfshion it's a thing.

Surely you have seen several memes of Y2K, the Y2K generation, or "Y2K kids". And if not, you've at least seen celebrities wearing Von Dutch caps, Ed Hardy tops, or a certain style we hated two decades ago, horror, right? Y2K is the trend of dressing like in the two thousand . In short, the term means the year two thousand and today it is a trend and a reference to the two thousand year style. But what is now a fad started with a computer error .

As the new millennium approached in 1999, there was a computer problem where computers would not record the year 2000 and when the first day of the year arrived, computers would have the date: January 1, 1900. It was believed that this would cause a serious mismatch in the databases and that would cause an economic crisis. However, it was all a false alarm because the problem was fixed. Now Y2K is the style that is dominating everywhere, whether you like it or not, 2000 is back in fashion.

Bennifer revived . Although we put up a fight, hip pants are officially back. And jewelry that looks like a toy is the most sought after. Chunky belts and chain belts are back in streetstyle and we'll even have new episodes of Sex And The City , and officially, it's 2000. I know, it's hard to relive those memories because it seems like it was the worst time for fashion. But the two milero style managed to make its comeback and establish itself as a trend.

In case you haven't noticed, celebs are now dressing like it's 2003. Bella Hadid is the most Y2K person and Dua Lipa is following in her footsteps and Rihanna by her side. But generation Z is also embracing this nostalgia and here comes Olivia Rodrigo with her teddy bear coats, her little buns, her barrettes in her hair. So Instagram is full of #Y2Kfashion and #Y2Kaesthetic .



But this arrival was not instantaneous, we warned you since 2018 . Since then we told you that the Matrix type glasses would have their return , the hip jeans and the vintage mini bags. Firms like Prada brought a bit of that style that little by little has crept into streetstyle , sorry, on Instagram and that finally in 2021 is in all its splendor.

To be specific, there are some pieces that stand out in this trend, such as tube tops, belly chains, caps, rings and sunglasses, as well as hip pants. We show them to you in this gallery .


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