Millennial Chic: Birgit Kos Wears Mango’s 2000s Styles

Millennial Chic: Birgit Kos Wears Mango’s 2000s Styles
Millennial Chic: Birgit Kos Wears Mango’s 2000s Styles
Mango 2000s Fashion Trends
Birgit Kos poses for Mango Decoding the 2000s trend guide. Photo: Mango
In their newly released trend guide for summer 2022, Mango draws inspiration from the early 2000s. A fashion shoot featuring Millennial trends such as crop tops, mini skirts, and ruffle embellishments stars model Birgit Kos. Captured against an orchid backdrop, the Dutch beauty impresses in on-trend outfits.
Mango Decoding the 2000s Trend Guide
Mango Early 2000s Style
Mango takes on early 2000s fashion for its summer 2022 trend guide. Photo: Mango
The finishing touches that can make or break a look for a cool girl are accessories like butterfly earrings and bags with a satin effect. A color palette incorporates whimsical pastels such as bubblegum pink, mauve purple, and bright blue into its color scheme. When it comes to patterns, plaids and polka dots in bold colors stand out.
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Mango Blazer Glitter Pants
Birgit Kos poses in black blazer and glitter pants from Mango. Photo: Mango
In addition, glitter is an essential component of any Y2K-appropriate wardrobe. Along with shimmering dresses, Mango offers rhinestone-embellished tops. For beauty, Birgit shows off swipes of bright eyeshadow as well as a slick updo with spiky ends.
Mango Pink Crop Top Mini Skirt Bag
Birgit Kos models pink crop top, mini skirt, and bag from Mango. Photo: Mango
Mango Pink Ruffled Maxi Dress
A ruffled maxi dress in pink stands out in Mango’s summer 2022 arrivals. Photo: Mango
Mango Plaid Blue Mini Dress
Mango features bright prints for its Decoding the 2000s trend guide. Photo: Mango

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